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Webinar on 1st April #BluePi: Introduction to AWS LAMBDA

24/Mar/2015 Posted By Atul one comment.

We are excited :-D and pleased to announce our next webinar to be held on 1st April’ 2015 @ 3:30 pm IST. This webinar is about the AWS LAMBDA, a service launched by Amazon Web Services recently. This webinar will cover, introduction to AWS LAMBDA, its typical use cases and benefits. Webinar would be useful for professionals who want to enhance their skills by learning new age Cloud technology. This webinar will be presented by BluePi’s chief AWS Architect, Kaushik Khanna.


Who Should Attend

Professionals who are familiar with the cloud technologies can gain the most from this webinar. But if you are just starting out with the Cloud, this webinar can help you too. Kaushik Khanna will share in depth, uses and tips to help cloud experts get a step ahead. He will cover how to use Lambda Services, Lambda Functions, how AWS Lambda can run your code in the cloud within milliseconds, how to create new back-end services using AWS Lambda,how it’s Cost-effective and efficient and how it will benefit the cloud experts.

Category : BluePi