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Upgrading to Angular 5

Augular 5 | Blog
May 02, 2018
By Blue Pi
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In our previous blog NodeJS vs AngularJS we discussed the important differences between NodeJS and AngularJS. In this blog, we will discuss features that developers can avail by Upgrading to AngularJS 5.

Nowadays, developers combine HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build responsive websites and web applications that look good on both large and small devices with a single code. AngularJS simplifies development of responsive websites by allowing programmers to use HTML as a template language. The JavaScript framework allows developers to extend HTML attributes through directives and use expressions to bind data to HTML.

In addition to supporting it officially, Google also keeps updating AngularJS at regular intervals. In November 2017, Google rolled out the 5th major version of AngularJS with a number of new and improved features to make the apps smaller and faster. The developers must upgrade to AngularJS to take advantage of several new features and improvements.

New Features and Enhancements Web Developers can avail by Upgrading to AngularJS 5

Build Optimizer

Angular comes with version 1.5 of the Command Line Interface (CLI) which includes a build optimizer tool. The build optimizer tool helps speeds up web applications by removing decorators from runtime code. The developers can even leverage the build optimizer to removing unnecessary or additional components of the applications marking the specific parts as pure.

Improved Compiler

The version 5 of AngularJS comes with an improved compiler. The compiler enables programmers to accelerate the generation of software builds and rebuilds. The redesigned compiler further used TypeScript under the hood to facilitate ahead of time compilation and incremental builds through specific commands.

Whitespace Removal

Angular 5 allows programmers to remove unnecessary whitespace characters from template code through a new option – preserveWhitespace. The developers can enable preserve whitespace option simply by making changes to the global tsconfig.json file. They can even take advantage of this option to reduce the final bundle size of AngularJS applications significantly.

A New HTTP Client

Angular 4.3 came with a simple, small and powerful HTTP client. The HTTP client improved the process of making web requests significantly. Angular 5 comes with an updated version of HTTP client. The updated HTTP client supports parameters objects for both headers and parameters. The developers can take advantage of the improved HTTP client services simply by replacing HttpModule with HttpClientModule in individual modules.

Browser and Server Transfer State Modules

Angular 5 enables developers to share the application state between the client-side and server-side versions of the web applications through the Universal Project. The developers can use BrowserTransferStateModule and ServerTransferStateModule to simplify the server-side rendering of AngularJS applications.

New Router Lifecycle Events

The version 5.0.0 of Angular adds a number of new lifecycle events to the router. The new events enable programmers to track the lifecycle of the router end to end. For instance, the developers can use specific events to visualize the progress each time the route changes by running the events sequentially.

Updated RxJS Library

Angular 5 allows developers to work with RxJS 5.5. Hence, the developers can avail a number of new features and enhancements provided by RxJS 5.5. For instance, they can use lettable operators to eliminate the impact of issues associated with tree shaking and code splitting.

Overhauled Forms

Often the performance of web forms deteriorates due to server-side validation and heavy client-side processes. Angular 5 improves the performance of web forms by executing the validators directly in the form. Each time a FormControl value changes, the validation is performed based on the update option provided by the JavaScript framework. The programmers even have the option to run the validations and value updates directly by changing the behavior to submit or blur.

I18N Pipes

In addition to providing a number of new features, AngularJS 5 further comes with several syntax changes. The developers can use the new syntax rules to implement date, currency, and percent pipes without relying on the i18n APIs provided by web browsers. Instead, they can take advantage of the pipes implemented natively by the JavaScript framework.

On the whole, the 5th edition of AngularJS comes with an array of new and improved features. The developers can avail these new features by updating their existing applications to AngularJS through a straightforward process. But they must change the format of currency, decimal, date, and percent types.

Likewise, they need to update the dependencies to the latest version of AngularJS and TypeScript. Google further makes it easier for developers to upgrade to AngularJS 5 by providing elaborate update guides for basic, medium, and advanced web applications.


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