Tapping Big Data for Increased Agility and Competitiveness

Tapping Big Data for Increased Agility and Competitiveness

The stupendous growth of data volumes in recent years has been behind the rise of the phenomenon of big data, which has presented new challenges as well as new opportunities for business enterprises. Organizations can take advantage of the big data environment with analytic solutions to derive information about key business entities such as customers, products, suppliers, manufacturing processes and more.

Enterprise executives see exciting opportunities in big data. However, it is tempered by the continuing challenge to find a solution that meets critical and frequently changing business requirements. This results in increased agility and competitiveness in business operations. Data warehousing technology facilitates the creation of a database to capture, integrate, aggregate and store data from a range of sources. The data can be later queried, reported and analyzed for analytics. A significant upfront development effort is required to set up the infrastructure for repeatable use of the data. The steps include creating –

  • A business model of the data
  • Logical data definition, called the schema
  • Physical database design
  • Extract/transform/load (ETL) process
  • Business views of data for data delivery

SQL queries can be used on the data warehouse to retrieve information. As SQL is a declarative language, the user need not specify where to find the data, how to integrate it or how to manipulate it. This dramatically reduces the cost of creating an analytics application.   Data Visualization turns complex data sets simple diagrams that can make unseen patterns and connections easy to understand. It helps navigate information glut and enables executives to see what they really want.

Enterprises have now recognized the value of representing research data in an innovative way. Data experts use visualization techniques to create charts that can be immensely helpful to marketing managers. Users are more likely to engage with data that has been turned into visual content.

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