Mobile devices have become the need for people so are the mobile apps. It is the biggest ecosystem that has become mandatory for the business houses to survive. There are nearly 6.6 million Mobile Apps present in the app stores of mobile devices. According to a study revealed by Statista, 197 billion mobile app downloads took place in the year 2017.

Every sized company understands the importance of mobile apps in today’s competitive market. The investment in mobile application market has become a need for the following reasons:

  • Build awareness about company’s brand
  • Increases product sales
  • Helps in direct marketing for Brands
  • Engaging customers globally via Mobile Apps

The world has become the mobile-ready world, and businesses need to take the plunge to grow successfully in their businesses. For this, business houses need to focus on Mobile Application Development trends that will take place in the year 2018.

IoT will Take Forefront in Mobile App Market

Smart cities and homes are the future of today’s generation. The year 2018 will witness a drastic change in linking IoT with the Mobile Apps. Businesses are watching out to implement IoT in the manufacturing, health, automotive and retail industry.

Under the IoT environment, the people will be able to use their Smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches to integrate varied apps and tools. Forbes states that the Business-to-Business IoT segment will generate nearly $300 billion by the year 2018 and beyond.

The watches by Apple are the latest example under IoT. Moreover, to meet the IoT demand the tech giant Google made available Android Things.

Integration with Cloud Technology

The Cloud-based apps are used in almost every company on the global platform. The Forbes has termed the growth in this sector to be nearly $178 billion in the year 2018. Further, the companies are looking forward to investing in Mobile Apps based cloud technology. The integration with Mobile Apps will provide following benefits:

  • Reduction in hardware and hosting costs
  • Increase in collaboration and productivity of the companies
  • Streamline the operation of the business houses
  • Efficiency in sharing and storing of the data

The Mobile Cloud Traffic is stated to increase by nearly 11 times with the compounded growth rate of almost 60% in the year 2018.

Increased Demand for AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

The launch of AMP project by Google has made it for the web designers to make the company’s website pages accessible on the mobile devices. There are millions of mobile device users belonging to the platforms as Android, Windows or IOS.

The designers are leveraging the AMP in order to make web pages accessible on various mobile platforms. The Accelerated Mobile Pages help in improving the loading time and reduces the bounce rate of the leads on the regular basis. The developers use AMP for the following:

  • Increase the Number of visitors
  • Enhance the Ad Visibility on the Websites
  • Speed up the Replacement of the Content
  • Facilitate Mobile Search
  • Mobile Developers leverages the Accelerated Mobile Pages to boost the User experience across the cross-platform mobile apps
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    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in Mobile Apps

    The Virtual Reality defines the online virtual world whereas Augmented Reality serves as a game changer. The success story is of the popular Pokémon GO game. The experts across the globe state that the overall revenue of VR and AR will be $150 billion by the next two years.

    Benefits of the introduction of AR and VR, and integrating them with the Mobile Apps technology are as follows:

    1. Augmented Reality

    • Explain the Real-time significance of the products to the consumers
    • Provide detailed visualization of the products and services to the clients
    • Training of Employees in a realistic manner

    The introduction of Google Translate with AR helps the person to scan and take the snap of the text. People can then use the app to get the translation done line wise.

    2. Virtual Reality

    • Promotion of products and service with the usage of the Virtual content
    • 3D vision of the particular product will help the customer to understand its actual use
    • Virtual Showrooms are trending
    • Helps in business branding and marketing

    The Virtual reality is used more in casino games, live company events or other kinds of games in the gaming industry. However, in 2018 and beyond VR will be dominating other sectors too.


    The Mobile App trends in 2018 will witness the introduction of latest technologies and platforms that will make the work easier for the companies and the end-users. These Apps will create the win-win situation for both the sides. Moreover, the business owners have to take a keen interest in acknowledging that which all technologies are best suited for their business.

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