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Live Webinar on 18th May : Tips To Boost Your Startup Business

May 05, 2015
By abhijeet
Reading Time: 1 minute

Our last Webinar “Introduction to AWS Lambda” was very successful, thanks to our awesome visitors. People really liked the knowledge sharing during the webinar. As AWS Lambda is a relatively new service in India by Amazon Web Services, tech experts are still finding their way through it.
After our last successful webinar, we have decided to continue the flow and are very excited to let you know regarding our next webinar “Tips To Boost Your Startup Business in 1 Year”.
This webinar is about the tips and techniques new organization must know. This webinar will cover the introduction to Cloud Computing, use of Cloud Computing in business, its typical use cases, and benefits. The webinar would be useful for business owners who want to enhance their organization’s performance and are also looking to get themselves on the cloud.
This webinar will be presented by BluePi’s Founder, Pronam Chatterjee.

Who Should Attend

Startup Business Owners who are familiar/not- familiar with the cloud technologies but want to learn and gain the most from the cloud. Also, if you are looking to move on the cloud, this webinar can help you the most.

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