How Cloud Computing Benefits Your Business

How Cloud Computing Benefits Your Business

Do you ever wonder where does your email client save all your communication data ???

All right! Despite the rage Cloud Computing has become over a period of time, a lot of people working in the virtual marketplace still can’t stop themselves from making weird faces like Leonard Shelby—suffering from memory loss in the movie Memento—every time the topic of the cloud computing crops up during business meetings. So to understand its positive impact on your business, you must first gain an insight into what it really means to have cloud computing services.

To put it in simple words, cloud computing is an Internet based software system that people can use without having to install it on their systems. This means employees of some company can have easy access to some application on the go using internet. For example, email communication.

Webmail clients use cloud computing services to store your data on the cloud and provide you quick access to your emails from any part of the world anytime. But, is this the only enough reason for businesses to go crazy about the Cloud like they are high on meth? Let’s find out here—straightaway.

Fastest Way to Meet Business Demands

According to a survey carried out by a business magazine in the United States, as many as 66% of respondents wished to take their businesses to the cloud owing to its ability to meet business demands faster than other available alternatives. The exponentially growing competition in the industry is forcing companies to opt for more bandwidth than generally required, which only a cloud service provider can meet at the snap of fingers through its service’s remote servers.

No Need for Crucial Disaster Recovery

A cloud service provider not only helps you meet your business goals faster, but also prepares crucial disaster recovery plans for your business. This means you can focus on other key aspects of your business without having to worry about the loss of data. According to reports carried out by Aberdeen Group, companies using cloud services resolve their issues in as little as 2.1 hours while companies not using cloud services take over 8 hours to get to the bottom of a particular situation. This is a huge difference of approximately 4 hours.

No Need for Software Maintenance

A crucial survey revealed that companies in the United Kingdom in 2010 spent over 18 working days every month on on-site security management. In context to this scenario,companies that use cloud migration service from some provider don’t have to bother about managing on-site security for their respective businesses as cloud providers offer server maintenance and other key services.</a> Needless to say, it saves companies too much time and resources that they can use on business growth.

Minimal Project Start-Up Cost

The best part about deploying cloud computing services is its minimal project start-up cost. It does not require any capital expenditure as you pay according to the services used. It helps you plan current operating expenses.

Inspiring Collaborations

Cloud computing services enable employees of a company in different parts of the world to have access to a particular application and document simultaneously. It also allows employees of a company in different parts of the world to work and share documents at the same time. Frost & Sullivan in its survey revealed that companies that invested in collaboration technology such as cloud computing made ROI of more than 400%.</p>



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