Those who were waiting for the Google's next big announcement after Cloud Trace can heave a sigh of relief. The search engine giant has made an official announcement of the availability of its Cloud Monitoring Service in beta. According to IT industry experts, the latest announcement is in line with “the integration of Google's Stackdriver's technology into the Cloud Platform product”.

Stackdriver is a monitoring service acquired by Google back in May last year. “Google is determined to continue integrating the rest of Stackdriver into Cloud Platform, with the aim of providing a unified monitoring solution for Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service and Hybridcustomers,” Dan Belcher, Google Cloud Platform Product Manager, wrote in a blog post.

According to CloudHarmony, it is very unlikely that the Google Cloud Platform's performance will fail anytime soon. Google Cloud DNS tops the chart with a whopping 100% success record last year as compared to Compute Engine that “hit 78 outages at an overall downtime of 3.35 hours. Cloud Storage had eight outages while Google AppEngine went down for just over six minutes last year.”

The Google's latest update sheds lights on the company's determination to create a better user experience for its cloud products.


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