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Does Your Business Need a Mobile App? Think Again!

Mobile apps for Business
January 20, 2015
By admin
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The world is going crazy about Hybrid Mobile Applications. And the latest to add to this growing madness is an interesting app called Paranormal EMF Meter. It tracks ghosts with its needle that creeps up on the scale every now and then. Like any other snazzy gizmo carried by ghost hunters, it makes you feel like Indiana Jones stuck in some zombie world.

All right! The question that crops up here is “Why somebody would need a crap like that?” I mean, it’s of no use unless you really make your living by hunting ghosts in your shadowy backyard. However, the application was received exceptionally well by the masses with over 5 million installations worldwide till date.

With mobile applications selling like hot cakes, you might also wonder whether to have a mobile application for your business or to have a responsive website compatible on all mobile platforms. Well, there’s no doubt that a mobile presence is critical for your business, but to have a mobile application for the heck of it isn’t really a good idea.

Hence, we have got you 4 good tips to know when you really need a mobile application for your business. So here we go:

1. If Your Product Needs An App


GPS, Push Notifications, Accelerometer, and Contacts are a few phone features used by several products. If your product too would use one or more of these features or may have in the near future, then you require a mobile app for the product.

2. If Your Business Needs Broader Exposure


Considering millions of people worldwide use smartphones and tablet devices, opting for a mobile phone app is actually an ideal way to market your products on a large scale. Go for it if you really want to make the most of this platform. However, you require to recheck your budget as going to all leading mobile platforms—such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry—might put a strain on your budget. In such a case, you can choose any one of these platforms for your product. It requires market research to know what type of devices a business’s customers typically own. You can also look for PhoneGap tool, which allows businesses to develop mobile phone apps for multiple platform at once but with some trade-offs.

     3. If You Don’t Have a Responsive Website

It’s always better to kick-off your business with a mobile phone app than investing in a website compatible with all mobile devices. A mobile app is user-friendly and way more compatible than any responsive website. It is sometimes more affordable than a responsive website in the long term.


4. If Your Business Needs to Grow Revenue


According to a report, around 67% of smart-phone owners in America keep on checking their cell phones for messages even when they don’t notice it ringing. This actually shows how big the mobile marketing platform is. Undoubtedly, with millions of mobile app users in the world, your business has more chances of getting noticed on mobiles than desktops or other devices. This certainly increases the chances of a better revenue for your business. A study done by experts shows that more people use their smartphones for shopping than desktop or other devices.

Following a trend for the heck of it is bad for your business. The idea is to understand your requirements, evaluate your budget and options. This will help you understand whether you need a mobile app or not.


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