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    JanusGraph with Cassandra

    JanusGraph with Cassandra JanusGraph is a Graph Database. First of all, let’s see what is Graph Database. Graph Database: In computing, a graph database is a database that uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data. A key concept of the system...

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    ASPState database - A performance bottleneck

    ASPState database - A performance bottleneck The Project We were recently tasked with resolving a performance bottleneck on a very popular online food ordering system in India. The problem statement was rather simple: The website was running very slow during peak hours. The application was opaque to us - being...

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    SQL Server vs MYSQL case study

    SQL Server vs MYSQL case study The Challenge At BluePi we do a lot of performance re-engineering projects. Some of them involve tuning the application code, some the architecture, however frequently it is the database that is the bottleneck. One peculiar situation we encountered was when one of our customers...

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