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BluePi’s New Logo Symbolizes Transformation and Growth

Bluepi New Logo
January 13, 2015
By admin
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From just a handful of clients to working with some of the biggest industry giants, BluePi Consulting is by no means a startup after over 2 years of services. We have grown exponentially over the years in terms of projects, clients, and expertise. And, obviously, its image of a startup had to change with its growth all across the globe.

We are not really a newcomer despite our 2 years or so of operations. Simply because the kind of our client portfolio which can, give even some of the big names in the industry a run for their money. The world has also started taking notice of our expertise in cloud computing, application development, architecture consultancy, and performance & cost optimization among others.

Launched way back in 2012, BluePi Consulting hasn’t really undergone a number of redesigns for its corporate identity, though we have always kept reinventing ourselves. Our first logo in 2012 was simple and colorful. No image. We kept our brand name as our brand logo and continued operation under the same corporate identity until now. In fact, we had an interesting image of Pi (as in Mathematics) hanging on to the letter E of the company’s 1st part of the name “Blue”. Undoubtedly, the sign denoted the company’s last name Pi in an interestingly innovative way.

Bluepi Logo
Our Old Logo

The new logo however is evocative of cloud in color blue, signifying the company’s brand name. It symbolizes the company’s growth and also celebrates its innovative history and culture spanning over 2 years now. We have just changed our logo on 1st Jan 2015. .

Bluepi Logo
Our New Logo

The new logo is an indication of transformation at BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. It depicts our successful journey and reflects the company’s ability to deliver next-generation solutions for e-Retail, DevOps, Startups, IT Management, Mobile, and Analytics.


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