BluePi is a born-in-the-cloud technology company, focused on solving business problems via cutting-edge technology
Launched in 2012, BluePi is a technology company, specializing in cloud migrations, application development as well as developing solutions for big data analytics and machine learning. BluePi is a self-funded, lean company, with an 80-member strong team based out of Gurgaon and Bangalore.

Recently AWS has published a case study on how BluePi was able to show 150% growth year on year utilizing AWS as the preferential platform to host its solution.

When BluePi was launched in 2012, the company looked to become part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) as company recognized that AWS would transform the way businesses accessed IT. This, in turn, would provide new opportunities for technology companies like BluePi, if they specialized in helping businesses transition to the AWS Cloud.
For BluePi, it was important to work with a cloud-service provider that was as innovative as the company itself. BluePi distinguishes itself from other IT service providers by its focus on cutting edge technologies—particularly big data analytics and machine learning (ML).

BluePi have used AWS Cloud as the infrastructure for BluePi piStats analytics platform. Since the platform’s launch, it has attracted a growing number of clients and currently processes more than one billion client data points a month.

Services like Redshift, Lambda, DynamoDB are future looking services in AWS which distinguishes it from other cloud providers and BluePi has worked with multiple clients like Delhivery, Goibibo, ABP to harness the potential of AWS platform.

Benefits of AWS

In the five years that BluePi has been part of the APN, the company has enjoyed significant year-on-year expansion.
The piStats software-as-a-service solution running on the AWS Cloud is seeing the number of clients double every three months.BluePi is enhancing the ML capabilities of its piStats platform, using its expertise in ML to integrate the technology into the platform.

Today, more than 90 percent of BluePi’s customers’ IT workloads are running on the AWS Cloud.
Here is the glimpse of cloud services and big data services offered by BluePi.

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