While deploying a website or web application, the businesses have the option to choose from two distinct types of hosting plans – dedicated server hosting plan and shared server hosting plan. The shared server hosting plans help businesses to curtail cost by sharing disk space and bandwidth with other website owners. On the other hand, the dedicated server hosting plans enable businesses to deploy their website on a server exclusively.

As a single website runs on the server, it becomes easier for enterprises to make their website deliver richer user experience by availing adequate disk space and bandwidth. Many businesses prefer dedicated servers to shared servers to reap benefits in terms of flexibility, scalability, customization, and security. There are also a number of reasons why businesses from varied sectors host their websites on dedicated servers.

7 Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer Hosting Their Websites on Dedicated Servers

1. Performance

A number of studies suggest that a large percentage of visitors these days abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. Also, Google considers the loading speed of websites while determining its search engine ranking. Hence, it becomes essential for businesses to speed up their websites to prevent user abandonment and enhance search engine visibility. Unlike shared servers, the dedicated server does not require the website to share disk space, bandwidth, and resources with other websites. Hence, it becomes easier for enterprises to make their websites load faster and deliver the richer user experience.

2. Reliability

The dedicated servers are deployed inside data centers. They even allow website owners to run a variety of scripts and software. The dedicated server hosting provider further monitors the IT infrastructure continues to ensure that the website is running smoothly. The dedicated server further enables businesses to control server resources without any restrictions. Hence, the websites run smoothly and consistently in a reliable environment.

3. Customization

Many dedicated server hosting service providers allow website owners to avail unlimited bandwidth and disk space. They further allow businesses to control the server environment fully. Hence, it becomes easier for webmasters to customize and scale disk space, software, RAM and CPU according to changing business needs. The scalable and customizable nature of the dedicated server helps businesses to handle a surge in website traffic. The developers can further boost the website’s performance by changing the underlying platform or operating system.

4. Flexibility

A dedicated server is much more flexible than shared services. It enables businesses to control server resources without any restrictions. The businesses even have the option to add new applications and services and modify existing applications and services by changing the server configuration. They can further make the website perform better by enhancing storage, processing, backup, and bandwidth availability. Hence, dedicated servers enable businesses to upgrade their websites according to emerging trends and growing traffic sizes.

5. Maintenance

The dedicated server hosting service providers offer 24/7 technical support. The round the clock technical support makes it easier for businesses to keep the server up-to-date and resolve various server management issues. The businesses are further not required to dedicate additional IT professionals to manage server updates and updating anti-virus software. Many businesses opt for dedicated servers to perform server maintenance, administration, and security tasks without putting extra time and resources.

6. Unique IP Address

Many enterprises these days opt for a unique IP address to enhance their websites’ reliability and stability. The unique IP address further helps businesses to keep their websites operational when other websites on the server are blocked or blacklisted. Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers help businesses to boost the stability and reliability of their websites using unique IP addresses. The unique IP address further provides a distinct identity to the website.

7. Security

Each website these days is prone to a wide variety of targeted security attacks. When multiple websites are hosted on the same server, it becomes difficult for businesses to protect their websites from existing and emerging security attacks. Many businesses opt for dedicated servers to keep their website and data security. The leading dedicated server hosting service providers even enhance website security by supporting the latest safety standards, implementing data encryption techniques, and installing a sophisticated firewall. They further keep e-commerce transactions and online payment secure by adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

On the whole, dedicated server hosting plans help businesses to optimize the performance and user experience of their websites by providing dedicated disk space, bandwidth, and resources. Many enterprises prefer dedicated servers to shared servers to reap benefits in terms of performance, scalability, reliability, security, and user experience. However, it is always important for businesses to host their websites on the right dedicated server.

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