AWS Launches its Data Regions in Mumbai, India Enterprises

AWS Launches its Data Regions in Mumbai, India

Amazon has recently launched its first set of Datacenters in Mumbai, India to cater to cloud computing services here thus, participating in a race for the top cloud provider position in India. With this launch, it has increased its total tally of Datacenters across the World to 35 and the total number of Regions that AWS caters to has also increased to 13. Prior to this, AWS was serving in 12 regions namely the U.S. West (California and Oregon), U.S. East (Virginia), Brazil, Europe (Germany and Ireland), East Asia (Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing), Southeast Asia (Singapore) and Australia (Sydney). AWS has been serving over 75,000 active AWS customers in India alone and with this launch, this number is expected to increase multifold.

With its list of cutting edge technology services AWS has launched in the Mumbai center, it looks promising to sway a meaty market share.

Amazon Cloudwatch, Amazon CloudWatch Logs, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Elastic Block Store(EBS), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon Elastic search service, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Auto Scaling, VM Import/Export, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Import/ Export Snowball, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon EMR, AWS Support.

These services are critical for many Organizations and interest many Industry verticals which look for an end to end solution. The presence of AWS Datacenters in their own country helps organizations in low latency and data sovereignty. In addition to this, for Industries like BFSI which face many government regulations and are not allowed to transfer or keep any form of Data outside of the Country will look forward to such a technology shift intensely. In the coming months it is foreseeable that more and more companies from BFSI domain will be migrating to AWS. More services which are expected from AWS to be brought shortly in its Datacenters here are:

Amazon API Gateway, Amazon App stream, Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Database Migration service, Amazon EC2 Container system, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, AWS Device Farm, AWS IOT, AWS Lambda. The major chunk of these services are mainly in Tokyo and Sydney Datacenters. But that’s how AWS operates. In the coming months, the Mumbai Datacenters will also have full capability depending on the requirement of the Businesses. This will not only help organizations in terms of better AWS support and full-scale migration to AWS but will also help its partners to scale up their operations.

Some of the advantages of having an AWS Datacenter in India are

Security & Privacy: Many Industries have mission-critical data, which cannot be leaked or for that matter cannot even be shared with third parties. This makes them wary of migrating to cloud, let alone migrating to a cloud that has a Datacenter outside the country. Convincing such businesses to migrate to the cloud will be much easier task now after an AWS Datacenter in India. Low latency: There are many financial institutions which have millions of transactions in a day, and any delay in the IT system whether it be human or technological, may result in huge loss for the company. This problem although undesirable, but does happen even if you have setup your IT system on premise. After the AWS Datacenter launches in Mumbai, these problems will be a thing of the past for businesses who have migrated to AWS. Data Sovereignty: Many countries have regulations for companies which hold explicit data which cannot be moved out of the country and requires an approval rating method to be accessed. Companies which have to comply to these rules cannot migrate to cloud even if they want to, until and unless the cloud service provider has a data center in that specific geography. With this launch, it will help such companies to easily migrate to AWS cloud and achieve better results. AWS support: The most recognizable feature that makes AWS stand apart from its competitors, as a cloud service provider is its wide network of partners and its prompt technical support. With the launch of AWS Datacenter in India, we can expect that its partner network will expand and the IT support services will also become more efficient.


This is a major event for all those Enterprises in India looking forward to migrate to AWS cloud. Apart from these, migrating to cloud also has other benefits such as the pay-as-you- go model and auto scaling which brings down your expenditures and increases operational efficiency. According to Gartner report on Magic quadrant, AWS has been far ahead of its competitors in terms of Infrastructure as a service. Offerings such as multi-fault-domain SLA and AWS Direct Connect make it more adoptable for mode 1 and mode 2 needs and less susceptible to security threats. Although, Microsoft Azure already has three datacenter locations in India and Google also caters to Asia Pacific region from Taiwan region. It’s to be noted that, AWS has also planned to open 10 additional regions in the near future.

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