BluePi becomes the AWS DevOps Competency Partner

# BluePi becomes the AWS DevOps Competency Partner

BluePi Consulting, a 5-year-old technology and consulting company based out of India, has reached yet another milestone. It has achieved Amazon Web Services DevOps Competency status. We at BluePi delivers end-to-end specialized IT services and solutions. We are a team of technology experts that take great pride in solving complex business problems. BluePi delivers cutting-edge technology solutions with a special focus on Cloud Services, app modernization, Big Data & Analytics .

The AWS Competency Program provides customers with highlighted APN Partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency through an AWS Technical Validation and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

The AWS services are designed to simplify provisioning and management of client’s infrastructure and applications, deploying the code, and automating their software release process. With these services they can quickly build out their cloud infrastructure, deploy applications to any instance, or develop complex applications on AWS, like BluePi, have employed the industry-standard tools and technologies to deploy your app by bringing together development and operations. Bluepi deliver seamless DevOps experience using tools like Github, AWS Developer tools, TeamCity, Chef, Ansible etc.

BluePi, with AWS DevOps solutions, using services like AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline helped several clients by Automating the complete deployment process. BluePi helped ‘JITO’ to automate project management cycle starting from development to its deployment using AWS CodeDeploy. This has significantly reduced manual errors and time to build and deploy.

BluePi also helped QMetrix Group in Automation of Deployment Process for Repchecker using AWS DevOps Services resulting in no manual intervention for code deployment and promotion. The developers check-in their code and configurations which is then propagated from Dev environment to Prod environment after testing.

Words from our CEO, Mr. Pronam Chatterjee, after achieving AWS DevOps Competency:

“We are excited to achieve the APN DevOps Competency status. This outlines our demonstrated expertise in the successful implementation of DevOps projects and CI/CD pipelines for our customers. We will continue investing heavily in keeping our technical capabilities in this area sharp and focused.”