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Amazon Activate | Startups Rejoice!

08/Mar/2014 Posted By pronam no comments.

At BluePi we do many projects for startups. These vary from building green-field applications, cloud migrations to performance re-engineering. So when we find a cloud provider focusing on startups we rejoice and so do our clients! While cloud providers like Microsoft and Vmware continue to grow on the back of some big wins in the Government Sector Amazon continues to be the preferred destination for startups. Well the fact that DropboxPinterest and Instagram are some of the hot startups that started on AWS says something, no? If you are a startup and are not aware of Activate you are missing out on an amazing infrastructure package. Don't believe me? As a startup you get support, credits and training among other things to get started with your amazon journey. Now here's the bonus. AWS Activate now sponsors virtual office hours with AWS Solutions Architects! These experts will be available for consultation about security, architectures, and performance. We have used their help on many occasions being an AWS partner and vouch for the value and quality of their inputs. So don't be scared of embracing the cloud - there are enough resources for you to get started. Here's a video introduction of Activate! Have questions? Use the Contact Us page to reach out to us. Source: AWS Blog

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