BluePi's Positive Work Culture Earns Prestigious Amazing Workplaces® Certification

BluePi has recently been certified as an Amazing Workplaces® company in India. This recognition is a testament to the feedback received from our valued people through the Amazing Workplaces® Survey. The survey assesses multiple facets of people’s experiences, such as effective leadership, meaningful values, and a strong foundation of trust.

BluePi is an organization that follows the “People first” approach. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to providing them with a work environment that is supportive, challenging, and rewarding. Our Purpose: Meaningful work and transforming lives not only focuses on customers but is equally relevant for our people’s growth as well. Our people continue to adhere to our value of Sustained Excellence which helped us retain all our customers YoY. The people of BluePi always demonstrate capabilities, and they continue to learn on the project allocated to them with the latest technologies. We offer a variety of programs designed to help our people grow both professionally and personally. We also encourage a culture of collaboration and innovation where everyone feels empowered to share their ideas and make a difference. As we say at BluePi, Work because you want to, not because you have to.

“We are honored to be certified by Amazing Workplaces®. This is a testament to our people’s belief in our purpose and our commitment to aligning work with their core beliefs, values, and passions. We believe that meaningful work transforms lives, and we are grateful to our people for helping us make that happen,” said Pronam, the CEO of BluePi.

Here are some of the factors that led to BluePi’s well-deserved recognition:

  • Emphasizing people’s engagement and satisfaction: BluePi regularly conducts surveys to gather invaluable feedback from our people. This feedback serves as a compass, guiding us to areas where improvements can be made and inspiring new initiatives to support people’s well-being.
  • Fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment: BluePi people experience unparalleled support from their managers and colleagues. They are empowered with a voice within the organization, where their contributions are acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Instilling a clear sense of purpose: BluePi people take pride in working for a company that is making a tangible difference in the world. They wholeheartedly believe in our mission and values, actively contributing to a positive impact.

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BluePi offers a variety of programs and initiatives that promote people’s development, & wellness. These include:

  • We provide highly competitive salaries and benefits, including health insurance and flexible working hours.
  • We offer many opportunities for training and development, allowing our people to continually grow and expand their skill sets.
  • We promote flexible work arrangements, ensuring a healthy work-life balance for our people.
  • We foster a positive and supportive work environment where each person feels valued and respected.
  • We wholeheartedly celebrate the successes of our people, acknowledging their achievements both big and small.

“We are confident that our positive work culture will continue to be a source of strength for BluePi as we continue to grow and expand,” said Monika Marwah, Head of HR at BluePi.

We would like to thank each and every individual who makes BluePi an amazing place to work. We are grateful for your hard work, dedication, and commitment. We are proud to have such a talented and dedicated team, and we are excited to continue to grow and succeed together.

About Amazing Workplaces®

Amazing Workplaces® is a global employer branding media platform that advocates the best practices of organizations at all levels across the globe to a global audience.

It was founded by a group of professionals who created top rated workplaces. Their mission is to help organizations create a fun, safe, and amazing workplace where people can thrive and become their most successful selves. The Amazing Workplaces platform was set up with the core purpose of enhancing, enriching, and promoting 7 main and 2 sub pillars that form the core of an Amazing Workplace and thereby a great employer brand.

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