7 Questions Before Moving to Hybrid Cloud

Are you planning to move your application to hybrid cloud?

But just because you think that moving almost everything to hybrid cloud is beneficial, doesn't necessarily mean that you should move your application to the cloud. There are several other integral factors that need to be considered before you move your application to a relatively new environment.

According to recent studies, it is proven that applications optimized for cloud environment perform exceptionally well. However, not all applications can be moved to cloud for a number of reasons. So to know whether your application is cloud ready or not, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I Familiar with the Design and Built of the Application?

You must know whether your application is custom, off the shelf, or a portal.

2. Do I Know its Interconnections and Designs?

Consider whether your application's interconnections are synchronous or asynchronous. You should also know the mechanism of the interconnections such as SOAP, JDBC, Web Services, and messages queues. Knowing if your application is chatty can also be very helpful.

3. How can I change it?

It is important to know how you can make changes to your application to update it in the future. You can make changes to your application through configuration parameters or by writing codes.

4. How can I store data securely?

To store data securely, you must have data encrypted in motion or at rest. You may also require particular certification levels for data and application environment.

5. Do I know how the application connects to its database?

It is important to know how the application connects to its database. You must consider whether the application is using “a technology that is suited for communication over a WAN.” Find out whether the application is dependent on stored procedures or not. These can influence the functioning of the application entirely.

6. Is My Application dependent on any Middleware Platform?

You must know whether your application is a heritage transactional application. You should know where your data is kept— on a mainframe or existing data farm. There are several clients who swear by the concept of data farm to keep their data. It keeps all data from various applications in a common, shared environment.

7. How is My Application Monitored?

You can have your application monitored in two ways: specific infrastructure and middleware monitoring.

Applications differ in types and that is why we need to have a detailed insight into their architectural elements before moving them into hybrid cloud. Once you have the answer to all the questions aforementioned, you will successfully move your application to the cloud.