The existing popularity of the cloud seems to have gone a bit overboard recently with the forecast of it gatecrashing some unconventional industries in 2015. And, assuming this, some industry experts predict the Cloud Computing market to hit over $241 billion mark by the end of 2020, which is just 5 years down the line from now.
So, the day isn't really far when even Gods will have human data replicated to the cloud to straightaway declare the most appropriate punishment for sinners in hell. Obviously, it will save them a huge chunk of time.
With just a few days gone into 2015, the cloud industry is already a buzz with all types of interesting predictions — some of them being really funny. For example, more air crashes after 2020 due to more cloud computers. More thunderstorms to increase data security concerns in 2016.

Damn Cloud Computing

Taking a note of this, we've brought you some serious expert cloud predictions for 2015 sans all the wacky humors and rumors. Here we go:

1. Microsft's Cloud Revenue to Surpass its On-Premises Revenue

The world has its eyes set on Microsoft since it first ventured into the MS Azure Cloud Business. And the following curiosity seems to be bursting at the seams this year. The day isn't really far when Microsoft's Cloud revenue will surpass its On-Premises revenue. And, according to reports, the dream will come to reality this very year, putting all the otherwise speculations to rest. Satya Nadella's (CEO, Microsoft) mobile-first-cloud-first policy is already on its way to make this happen.


2. Cloud Hacks Untamed

All right! No respite from cloud hacks this year. In fact, the threat is cruising on an even deadlier prowl than the last few years. However, experts predict that in most cases it will be the consumer's fault. Lack of training and poor compliance practices will play spoilsport for “end-user organizations using third-party SaaS services”.


3. Single Dashboard for Multiple Cloud Systems

Those who've been waiting for a hybrid cloud management system with bated breath can now heave a sigh of relief. A host of new tech-inventions this year will provide you with a single dashboard interface for all your cloud systems, enabling you to take control of workloads on-premises and across public/private clouds.


4. SaaS Vendors on Their Way to Hybrid Services

There are strong signs of SaaS vendors heading to a hybrid services way in 2015. Most of them going even further with the possibilities of branching out into on-premises market.


5. Commodity Online Backup Turns Deadly

Commodity Online Backup outbreak is deadlier than Ebola disease. After hacking Symantec Backup Exec to death recently, it is on the prowl to kill more such vulnerable clouds in 2015 unless they move immediately to high margin areas like disaster recovery as a service and eDiscovery.


6. Cloud Service Providers Emerge as New Data Centers

Cloud service providers turning into new data centers is probably the greatest predictions of all mentioned above for 2015. If the prediction turns out to be true, then cloud hardware innovations will take shape, paving way for “greater consolidation among server, storage, software, and networking vendors”.



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