10 Facts about BluePi on its 10th Anniversary

We are on a mission to be the most sought after data driven business organization !

Our team is strongly committed to this mission and we ensure this by developing an internal culture of thinking about transformation that is driven by date and work collectively towards our mission to become the most sought after data driven organization.

Our Purpose makes us unique, which is Meaningful work and transforming lives !

We believe that any project initiative that we do should be meaningful for us as well as our customers. We also ensure an environment of positive transformation which is an output for our team(skills, growth and fun) and the same for our customers.

Our work culture which is to MEASURE-ANALYZE-DRIVE DECISIONS !

BluePi’s processes are a result of accumulation of our learnings over the years. To improve our collective wisdom through observations and feedback

Our priorities set us apart !

Skillful self organized teams over top down control Meaningful customer impact over menial work Partner’s competitive edge over partner led Growth over cost conservation

Mindset headed towards Growth !

We strongly believe in Meritocracy which is demonstrated capabilities and taking ownership of the task or project assigned and this is what makes us stand apart and propel us to grow and win.

Conscious knowledge accumulation !

This is a hidden catalyst which sets us for growth and helps us sail through any challenges or difficulties that come our way as we strive to inculcate structured, thoughtful and systematic learning.

Our Secret recipe !

Our secret lies in the clear and well defined vision of our co-founders Pronam Chatterjee and Kaushik Khanna coupled with our rich talent pool along with the culture to constantly learn and work towards transformation both internally and externally for our customers.

Work because you want to, not because you have to!

We believe it is a terrible cost to pay in life if we work because we have to, doing something that we hate to do. Passion for the work cannot be forced, it is something that we discover when we love the work we do and that is what happens at BluePi.

Team interest before individual interest!

We at BluePi believe that individual brilliance can scale a mountain but a team together can move mountains. Behind our success is the team work that makes us who we are. Every decision made has to keep this tenet in mind, team interest is over and above any of our interests.

A clear & well defined Roadmap - Vision 2030!

“Vision 2030” organization growth strategy. Our 10th-anniversary celebration further reinforced BluePi’s commitment to its core values which will also act as the organization’s differentiator. Our philosophy is to focus on team building and ensuring quality delivery and this will take care of the growth on its own.

About BluePi:

BluePi is a leader in data-driven solutions that focuses on solving business problems with the innovative use of cutting-edge technology. A purpose-led organization that believes in bringing transformation to businesses, it leverages its world-class capabilities in data, cloud, and digital transformation. Founded in 2012 in Gurgaon, India, BluePi has successfully presented itself as one of the “game changers” in the industry, with its data-driven, cloud-based industry solutions. It is a Premier Consulting Partner with AWS and has strategic partnerships with Snowflake, Databricks, Cloudera, and GCP. BluePi recently launched its operations in Sydney, Australia to serve the growing customer base in the ANZ region. For more information, please visit, www.bluepiit.com

Sidhant Arora
Written by
Sidhant Arora

Marketing Manager

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