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Challenge is what interests us, transformation is what we're adept at! Our vision, mission, and values define us, and have made us into what we are today. There are miles to go and these are our guiding lights.​​​ 4+ Years and multiple successful partnerships later, our expertise continues to evolve but the core values are as solid as ever!​​​

To be the trusted technology partner; solving complex business problems and catalysing digital transformation for companies across the world.

To Imagineer transformed tomorrows by bringing together people,
businesses & innovation.

We solve real problems, not hypothesized or imaginary ones!

We only take up work that’s challenging and exciting. No point doing the same old stuff!

We Experiment, Learn & Iterate; we don’t let novelty or change, freak us out!

We expect everyone at BluePi to innovate – let the cows regurgitate!

We’re exuberant and reliable; in equal parts!

We believe in doing the hardest part first – the risks are laid out up front!

We choose speed over cost; better over cheaper!

We love riding the technological waves – spotting them early and making the most of them!

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Enthusiasm helps you find new doors. Really. And it takes your passion to push them open. At BluePi, there’s no dearth of either of them. We are the tech-experts, trouble-shooters or IT commandos, call us anything, but our DNA remains the same​​​ - We are the problem-solvers!​​​

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