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COVID-19 & Business Resumption Plan

The ongoing pandemic is one of the biggest threats to an already under pressure retail vertical around the world. At the end of last year, world monitory bodies were predicting a gradual global economic slowdown, but this pandemic applied sudden brakes and the world economy has come to a screeching...

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EMR-An Emerging Technology for Big Data & Analytics

Data everywhere! It is being generated every day in various forms through the increased usage of electronic transactions, social media, internet etc. Thus, unlimited information and unlimited levels of process- ing across multiple platforms. Facts say that the data management and analytics industry on its own is worth more than...

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Sales Forecasting Whitepaper

The need for forecasting is probably as old as human history is. Ancient maritime navigation would be based on the knowledge of seasonality and weather forecasts. While we have advanced as a race, the need for forecasting has remained steady if not increased but the techniques have vastly evolved owing...

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