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About BluePi

Leverage data to – make critical decision, drive key strategies and find competitive advantage

    We have been around for more than 6 years now. As an organisation we have grown from being technology focused to helping clients devise and implement their business strategy. We help our clients make quick decisions that are backed by data and not just by good business sense or intuition. Data is the new oil, but before it can used, it needs to be mined, refined, stablised, distributed and made available for specialised use cases. We forsee a world where everyone in our organisations has access to data and every decision made can be traced back to a solid reasoning based on facts.


Core Values

sustained excellence

Sustained excellence

Each one of us in BluePi strives for sustained excellence. Excellence is demonstrated through the everyday tasks we do and through our deliverables to customers. Excellence mindset pushes us to always be on the lookout for improving ourselves, improving delivered value and finding more efficient & innovative ways. It is not about matching industry best practices but pushing beyond them.

be creative

Be creative; keep learning; innovate.

We drive immense satisfaction when we find a creative way to solve a problem or when we find a new solution. That is why we always strive to find complex and meaningful work, that would require creativity to achieve. Creativity requires constant learning and the ability to quickly translate our learning into action. Innovation is nothing but an application of creativity; to find new ways of doing something or doing a different thing to achieve better results.

challenge others

Challenge others to grow

For BluePi to grow sustainably each one of us needs to grow and improve continuously. The mantra to grow at BluePi is to provide challenging opportunities and enable one to achieve the challenge. This core value pushes us to: - Proactively look for our team members who can take on bigger challenges. - Believe in their ability to quickly learn and adapt The ability to take on new and bigger challenges is not driven based on years of experience or tenure, it is the demonstrable ability in accomplishing one's tasks and goals.

work because

Work because you want to, not because you have to

We believe it is a terrible cost to pay in life if we work because we have to, doing something that we hate to do. Passion for the work cannot be forced, it is something that we discover when love the work we do. Look around and if you feel the work that we do is not something you would want to do for rest of your lives, probably BluePi is not right the place for you.



BluePi is an aspirational company, the goals we want to achieve would require tremendous efforts and belief. The belief in our - Ability to prevail, despite the challenges we face - Ability to deliver complex technical solutions which adds value to our customers - Ability to find innovative solutions

team interest

Team interest before individual interest

Individual brilliance can scale a mountain but team together can move mountains. Behind our success is the teamwork that makes us who we are. Every decision made has to keep this tenet in mind, team interest is over and above any one of our interests.


Meet Our Leadership



Chief Executive Officer


Kaushik Khanna

Chief Technology Officer


Gaurav Batra



Aashu Aggarwal

Chief Agility Officer


Anjna Bhati

Head-Data Analytics & AI


Hariprasad N.

Head-Cloud Services


Mayank Ahluwalia



Anshu Dhamija



Do you relish a test and long to make something
new as opposed to following the sheltered
way others have made for you?


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