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retail analytics
retail analytics
Retail Analytics

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Ready-made retail dashboards with detailed insights helps business stakeholders gather insights from the data connected data lake. Retail being a data heavy sector benefits significantly from the KPI driven dashboards developed by BluePi. The dashboards can be categorized into the following segments. Every dashboard provides advanced drill down capabilities to identify the major issues.


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customer dashboard

Customer Dashboard

A detailed understanding of the customer’s purchase patterns help you align and adapt your strategies accordingly. Given that the BI dashboards are powered by the dashboards data from multiple disparate sources can be analyzed together in a bird’s eye view. Informed decisions can be arrived at based on CSAT, NPS scores to determine customer satisfaction and loyalty. Retention rate, Churn Rate give you visibility over the ability to retain the customer over a period of time. Customer Acquisition Cost gives you insights into the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

product dashboard

Product Dashboard

Information about Product Availability including Inventory at hand, Stock cover helps you manage stock real-time in order to allow for quick manual intervention in case of impending stock outs. Best selling products, Rate of sales, Sell Through rates help you determine product performance and take corrective action to optimise promotions and markdown strategies.

store analytics

Store Analytics

Identify the difference in sales across different sales formats, sales across regions with the ability to drill down the lowest level of detail. Ability to track target vs achievement of sales across stores and products gives real-time ability to analyse the performance across product classes as well as stores.

profitability analytics

Profitability Analytics

Need a view of financial performance across the product categories? COGS, Store Operational expenditure reports give you a clear view of the financials across stores with the ability to slice and dice the data across products, regions and stores.


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