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New Relic

BluePi and New Relic are proud to be in strategic technology partnership for providing value addon to our client in data analysis and monitoring. New Relic gives deep performance analytics for every part of software environment. It is great at giving easy view and analyze extensive amounts of data, and gain actionable insights in real-time for apps, users, business. New Relic started with a revolutionary vision to deliver application performance monitoring (APM) as a purely SaaS product. By holding the power and accessibility of the cloud, New Relic grew rapidly and quickly became an integral tool for developers, IT ops teams, and executives around the world. Today, New Relic is serving and helping thousands of customers to consistently enhance and optimize their software performance.

Why New Relic:

Simple to use and deploy: New Relic makes it easy for you to understand and improve the relationships between your applications, your customers, and your business. New Relic is purely SaaS, so it can be deployed easily and start seeing data fast.
  • No hardware to buy
  • Seamless product updates
  • Scale dynamically as your needs grow
  • No system to maintain
  • Collect data from anywhere in minutes
Powerful: New Relic analytics engine is an amazingly smart tool for your team. It works continuously, giving you insight of your software nearly instantaneously, from the performance of your applications to the experiences of your customers to how all of it impacts your overall system. Secure: New Relic makes it possible to trust the cloud with your business data. Our security program—people, process, and privacy—is designed to protect your sensitive information. New Relic has the great variety of products & solution for all your business processes and issues and to upscale and optimize your business. Products offered by New Relic:
  • New Relic APM
  • New Relic Infrastructure
  • New Relic browser
  • New Relic Mobile
  • New Relic Synthetics
  • New Relic Insights

Why BluePi?

BluePi and New Relic partnership is giving our clients a cutting-edge technology solution for their business processes in cloud solution and its infrastructure management. New Relic and BluePi alliance journey is going on an awesome track with our satisfied customers. Combination of our Cloud expertise and New Relic’s performance analytics and monitoring tools takes the user business and satisfaction at a new higher level ,making it optimized and cost effective .

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