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Microsoft Silver Certified Partner

Why Microsoft?

Having started out with a strong headway in enterprise IT infrastructure and personal productivity, Microsoft has emerged as a very strong player in cloud computing as well, with a renewed vigour to empower every person in an organization.

What’s more interesting is the fact the Microsoft describes Azure, its flagship cloud platform and services, as an Intelligent, Hybrid Cloud, that extends your existing IT prowess and gets more stuff done. With the success of HDInsight, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing (read Cortana) galvanizing an already strong ecosystem of partners and customers on a truly global scale, Microsoft Azure is here to stay.

Along with driving the entire .NET framework, Microsoft brings some very interesting capabilities that customers are increasingly looking to take advantage of. You can read more about that in our blogpost 5 Exclusive Capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

Why Azure?

Azure supports a broad selection of programming languages, tools, frameworks and databases that let businesses:
  • Build and deploy modern applications across mobile and web powered by technologies including .Net, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js and a whole lot more
  • Store, backup and recover all your data backed by a strong Cloud DR strategy
  • Run enterprise level applications and employ the power of auto-scaling, while paying as you go
  • Perform large scale compute jobs scaling to thousands of compute cores in no time
  • Build a robust big data architecture powering the next gen data science applications built on top of it
  • Build powerful Business Intelligence dashboards and visualization tools using Power BI

Why BluePi?

BluePi, a Silver Certified Microsoft Partner, delivering cutting-edge technology services, is fully equipped to help with each of the above use cases and be the technology partner you can rely on!

Get in touch with us to embark on a 360-degree digital transformation journey powered by Microsoft Azure. We’re just a call away, from delivering a Proof of Concept (PoC)!

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