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Imperva Incapsula

Imperva provides a cloud-based security solution for enterprise-grade security and performance enhancement to the customer of any size. Imperva ensure the security of online assets and combine the advance nerd service protection. Imperva has a worldwide network of Data Centers that enhances the capability of serving client globally and has Web Security Global Content Delivery network. It ensures the protection against the commercial threats.

Why Imperva:

Imperva takes cares of two major aspects of any enterprises scalability and availability. Imperva has a feature of cloud source threat intelligence inbuilt and Provide uninterrupted 24/7 network, security, and support for clients. We assure that security doesn’t get in the way of our customer’s customer. Imperva Provide service to its client in four verticals: DDoS Protection : It mitigates the application and network layer denial of service attacks. Web Security for your website security from all cyber-attacks and ensure the safety of your digital assets. Content Delivery Network(CDN) : The Incapsula Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a global network that uses intelligent caching and cache control options, as well as high-speed storage and optimization tools to improve your website performance while lowering bandwidth costs. Load balancer : Manage load on multiple data center, Incapsula LBaaS (Load Balancer-as- a-Service) meets the demands of large organizations with support for all in-datacenter and cross-datacenter high availability scenarios. Continuous health monitoring ensures that traffic is always routed to an available web server. Website Security : It takes cares of all your website security issues and provides the security in multiple levels as Web Application Firewall, Bot Mitigation, Backdoor shell Protection.

Why BluePi?

Imperva and BluePi together giving their customers the most efficient and optimized cloud security solutions. As Imperva delivering the best of security solutions for all sizes of customers and BluePi has the great expertise in providing cloud and other IT solutions so together we make a cocktail that delivers most secure IT Services.

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