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Today, customer requirements are constantly evolving, and advancements in technology are catering to them, thereby equipping businesses with a competitive edge. The changing business landscape is giving rise to novel functionalities to enable more efficiency in business processes.
In a recent research report by Market Research Future, the Business Intelligence (BI) Market is estimated to reach USD 73.57 billion at a CAGR of 13.1% by 2030. The growth drivers, among others, include the increasing use of Big Data and Cloud Computing.
Today many organizations are struggling with huge volumes of data as a significant amount of it remains unused. However, by leveraging the right technologies and solutions organizations can build a data-driven business by using data-driven decision-making,” says Anjna Bhati.
GURGAON, India , Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BluePi Consulting (BluePi), a leader in data-driven solutions, today celebrated its 10th anniversary with an organization-wide commitment to support customers in their data-driven business transformation journeys.
Irrespective of their size, businesses are certainly becoming data-centric today more than ever before. To succeed in a data-driven economy, organizations have to invest in the key trends in the space which can be aligned with the business goals.
In the current digital world, new digital experiences are sought after with technology enabling them constantly and ‘data’ driving the whole exercise. Data science, Big Data Analytics, and others are supporting decision-making and data-focused product offerings.
With a goal to create the next generation of highly skilled and motivated professionals, Ms Anjna Bhati, the co-founder of BluePi Technologies, strives towards making a meaningful impact at work.
Indian AWS consultancy BluePi Consulting (BluePi) has launched its first international operations in Sydney and named a new ANZ boss, Gaurav Sharma.
India-founded Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner BluePi Consulting has launched an operation in Australia and New Zealand.
India based data-driven business transformation specialist BluePi Consulting has appointed Gaurav Sharma to the role of CEO for Australia and New Zealand, following the opening of the company's first international operations in Sydney.
Australia has been selected for BluePi Consulting’s first international expansion out of India, with the tech advisory launching a Sydney office and appointing Gaurav Sharma as regional CEO.
We are indeed happy to partner Snowflake, the global technology leader in Data Cloud and consider this an important milestone in our path towards technological excellence.
In 2022, we will see an increase in the number of retail organizations deploying technology to connect better and profitably with their customers.
The idea of BluePi is to leverage the correct data in the form of information and use these data to transform the businesses.
The challenges that any company may face include failure of the supply chain, wrong price, and cost estimations which are the pillars for any company.
Demand forecasting in retail will help a business understand how much product would sell at any given time in the future, which can help them tackle the two most important challenges that such businesses face –Stock Outs and Excess Inventory.
We expect the government to broaden the MSME umbrella and announce special packaged for retailers under MSME so that they can tide over these challenging times.
Retail industry came to a virtual standstill during the pandemic and was one of the worst-hit sectors. The cascading effects impacted the entire value chain that serves the industry.
Retail industry came to a virtual standstill during the pandemic and was one of the worst-hit sectors. The cascading effects impacted the entire value chain that serves the industry.
Predictive analytics will be extensively used for demand forecasting, logistics and providing recommendations by transforming data into actionable insights
Like in the case of most industries, retail too, is being driven forth and ahead with data.
To improve the way supply chains operate across all dimensions - products, services and processes, BluePi has ingrained innovation in all its solutions
Fast fashion retailers in India most likely will need another 12-18 months, for sales to reach FY20 levels.The summer sales for this year have been mostly wiped out. Most of this inventory would beextended to the next seasons, with a bleak outlook in uptake
The core of the solution is the ability to understand the deep patterns of data, and to be able to forecast what is most likely to happen in the future.
RTE-RTC players have ramped up production, distribution, and lapped up the opportunity with both hands for launching new products
Corporatization of retail is gaining more importance in the fashion products segment, enhancing the retail ecosystem in India.
Retail technology companies would have to think out of the box to adapt to the new challenges. We are some time away from reaching the “business as usual” stage, till then, the key to success would be perception, adaptability and agility.
With an aim to be the most sought-after data-driven business transformation organisation, they believe that data science technologies are only helpful in the context of the specific business problem it is being used to solve.
Referrals worked well for us because the leadership team at BluePi had connections with the industry. LinkedIn has been a great source to get leads too. Conversion rates are low whenever we have mass emailed a list of contacts.
In the next five years, we see one retail organization taking up the pole position. With these acquisitions Reliance is priming to be the clear leader.
We take pride in having one of the industry best NPS scores from our business partners. This has constantly inspired us to do more and keep innovating.