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Predictive analytics will be extensively used for demand forecasting, logistics and providing recommendations by transforming data into actionable insights
Like in the case of most industries, retail too, is being driven forth and ahead with data.
To improve the way supply chains operate across all dimensions - products, services and processes, BluePi has ingrained innovation in all its solutions
Fast fashion retailers in India most likely will need another 12-18 months, for sales to reach FY20 levels.The summer sales for this year have been mostly wiped out. Most of this inventory would beextended to the next seasons, with a bleak outlook in uptake
The core of the solution is the ability to understand the deep patterns of data, and to be able to forecast what is most likely to happen in the future.
RTE-RTC players have ramped up production, distribution, and lapped up the opportunity with both hands for launching new products
Corporatization of retail is gaining more importance in the fashion products segment, enhancing the retail ecosystem in India.
Retail technology companies would have to think out of the box to adapt to the new challenges. We are some time away from reaching the “business as usual” stage, till then, the key to success would be perception, adaptability and agility.
With an aim to be the most sought-after data-driven business transformation organisation, they believe that data science technologies are only helpful in the context of the specific business problem it is being used to solve.
Referrals worked well for us because the leadership team at BluePi had connections with the industry. LinkedIn has been a great source to get leads too. Conversion rates are low whenever we have mass emailed a list of contacts.
In the next five years, we see one retail organization taking up the pole position. With these acquisitions Reliance is priming to be the clear leader.

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