Supply Chain Optimization

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Strategic and operational planning based on our proprietary methodology

Ask Yourself

  • Is your demand planning based on intuition and on a multitude of excel spreadsheets with thousands of data points?
  • Is it a manual process which takes ages to complete and build consensus?
  • Different teams have different sets of data that they rely on as the source of truth?
  • Does capital tied up in inventory worry you?
  • Are stock outs eating into your profits?
  • Is a significant portion your inventory occupying shelf space without getting sold?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you can benefit from AI driven supply chain optimization.

BluePi’s proprietary methodology of Demand Planning would add a minimum 5% to your bottom-line by finding the right amount of inventory to carry to ensure both stock outs and Excess Inventory is minimized. Our supply chain solutions driven by AI algorithms perfected for different retail formats like multi-format, grocery, apparel among others


Some of our impactful work

Markdown Optimization

Optimizing markdowns entails a complex decision science to mitigate the impact it can have on your bottom-line.

Demand Forecasting

The forecast horizons are tuned to align with the procurement cycles to ensure the use of all available data and yet provide enough head room for logistics.

Inventory Re-Balancing

While the customer demand at each store is independent of each other lack of proper stocks means unmet sales and lost revenue. opportunities.

Automatic Replenishment

Shelf-out-of-stock is one of the leading motivations of technology innovation in Retail sector.

Case studies

Sales Forecasting solution for Overstocking & Stock Outs!

Overstocking & stock-outs Using this system, the stores don’t have to rely on in-store manager’s intuition and instead use Artificial Intelligence.

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How BluePi Helped Delhivery with Big Data and Real Time Reporting

A mix of AWS infra and services like S3, Kinesis, Redshift, Redis with cutting-edge technologies like, Storm were used to build the solution.

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