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Supply chains, inventory management, and digital
user experience can no longeroperate in separate silos…

Retail was one of the most impacted industries during COVID time. Firms that prioritized Digital Transformation and Supply Chain optimization came out as clear winners, post the lockdown blues.

Retail Association of India reported 93% of pre COVID sales by Feb 2021 and players with online presence stood strong during the second wave.


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Customer Data Platform

An innovative tool to consolidate all the relevant data


Supply Chain Optimization

AI driven supply chain optimization

Case studies

FNP improves conversion with personal notification

Personalized omni-channel communication for the customers, reducing noise and ultimately improving customer experience

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Sales Forecasting solution for Overstocking & Stock Outs!

Overstocking & stock-outs Using this system, the stores don’t have to rely on in-store manager’s intuition and instead use Artificial Intelligence

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Retail Blogs

What is demand forecasting in Retail

Demand forecasting as the term suggests is predicting the need for a product in the near future.

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What is a customer data platform?

CDP is defined as a packaged software that centralizes customer data from all sources

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Are you ready for AI models impact on retail sales?

Manufacturers across different industries are losing trillions of dollars in productivity each year.

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