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The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry has undergone significant transformation due to technology and evolving preferences. Mobile ordering, delivery, and data analytics are pivotal factors. Machine learning helps predict orders, optimize supply chains, and offer personalized recommendations. Leveraging data insights enhances speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction within QSRs. By embracing innovative technologies, QSRs stay competitive in meeting the growing demand for convenience and quick service while adapting to customer preferences.


Case studies

Migrated and Consolidated Applications Of YUM to AWS Cloud.

The client is a subsidiary of a major Media Group that was established in 2006.

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BluePi helps a multinational QSR company in to improve operational efficiency & productivity

QSR Company wanted to build a Data warehouse to support the data needs for their CRM and other marketing tools and functions.

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BluePi helps yum take quick data driven actions

Even though the markets have started opening up, people are still apprehensive of stepping out or ordering food online.

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Unified Data Platform & Amazon personalize

User data platform unifies data from disparate systems to one single repository, which can then provide great value to different teams/functions.

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