Toll Acquirer Automation System

Settlement, reconciliation & dispute management enabling scalable solution designed for Acquirer Banks

Fastag has been a revolutionary step when it comes to the payments space in India. Whilst it has been around for a while the 10x explosive growth witnessed in the last 3-4 years has been on the back of FASTag becoming mandatory. Today it commands transaction value.

Burning question is what’s next, are we slowing down ??
We don’t feel so with ever expanding fleet of vehicles on Indian roads and the record pace at which we are constructing highways there is only one way to get from here.


What do we do?


Easily scalable systems ensuring effective cost and resource management

Accurate identification of Vehicle Violations

Real time data processing 2M+ daily transaction volumes

Automatise reconciliation process

MIS reporting for audit trail

Top Line growth by plugging revenue leakages at the plaza

Case studies

Helps new age NBFC in risk profiling, personalization & cross selling

Partner selection based on their leads and the leads performance, risk profiling, campaign personalisation and cross selling

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Customer Risk Profiling system for life insurance provider

Calculate their risk averseness. Understanding how risky is each customer is important to pitch them relevant products, detect frauds, etc.

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BFSI Blogs

Effective data governance in the middle of security concerns?

Today, that notion has multiplied 10x, and the organizations are looking for an in-depth understanding of all areas

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What is a customer data platform?

CDP is defined as a packaged software that centralizes customer data from all sources

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Are you ready for AI models impact on retail sales?

Manufacturers across different industries are losing trillions of dollars in productivity each year.

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