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India is set to become the third-largest domestic banking sector by 2050. Adequate investment, right technology and government’s support have come together to build an ecosystem to enable BFSI’s anticipated growth.

But are the traditional financial institutions ready for the disruption these forces may bring in the future? Can financial institutions work in a synergy Are they ready for a disruptive event like covid which changed the customer behaviour completely in such a short period?




Credit Risk Profiling

AI/ML based credit risk assessment for customers with limited or no credit history


Toll Acquirer Automation System

AI/ML based toll violation detection, automated MIS reporting, case management and invoice settlement


Customer Experience
Analytics & AI Powered Operations

360° Customer View

Claim Propensity &
Risk Analytics

Marketing Personalization

Business Performance Reporting

Digital Onboarding

Unified Data Platform

Churn Prediction
& Prevention


Case studies

Helps new age NBFC in risk profiling, personalization & cross selling

Partner selection based on their leads and the leads performance, risk profiling, campaign personalisation and cross selling

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Customer Risk Profiling system for life insurance provider

Calculate their risk averseness. Understanding how risky is each customer is important to pitch them relevant products, detect frauds, etc.

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BFSI Blogs

Effective data governance in the middle of security concerns?

Today, that notion has multiplied 10x, and the organizations are looking for an in-depth understanding of all areas

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What is a customer data platform?

CDP is defined as a packaged software that centralizes customer data from all sources

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Are you ready for AI models impact on retail sales?

Manufacturers across different industries are losing trillions of dollars in productivity each year.

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