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Using Real Time Big Data Analytics for competitive advantage – Wednesday, 16 November 2016 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM IST

02/Nov/2016 Posted By admin

Many organizations find it challenging to successfully perform real-time data analytics using their own on-premise IT infrastructure. Building a system that can adapt and scale rapidly to handle any dramatic increase in transaction loads can potentially be quite a costly and time consuming exercise.

Most of the time, infrastructure is under-utilized and it’s near impossible for organizations to forecast the amount of computing power they will need in the future to serve their customers and suppliers.

To overcome these challenges, organizations can instead utilize the cloud to support their real-time data analytics activities. Scalable, agile and secure, cloud-based infrastructure enables organizations to quickly spin up infrastructure to support their data analytics projects exactly when it is needed. Importantly, they can ‘switch off’ infrastructure when it is not needed.

BluePi Consulting and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are giving you an opportunity to discover how organizations are using real time data analytics to get meaningful insights and gaining competitive advantage.