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Kickstart a New Way You to Analyze Your Data, with AWS Redshift

December 05, 2016
AWS Redshift webinar

AWS Redshift is a perfect fit for the organizations facing problems wading through their big data. Since, the platform leverages all of the analytical tools already in the marketplace, along with the ones that your organization is already using and analysing the big data on, there's nothing more that one can ask for.

The webinar, held on 8 March 2016, was presented by Sonal Padole, Delivery Manager, Data warehouse, BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Along with the best practices of AWS Redshift, and how it beats its competitors hands-down, the webinar discussed the following topics as well:

  1. Why Data Warehouse?
  2. Introduction to Redshift
  3. Data Warehouse System Architecture
  4. Benefits of migrating to AWS Redshift
  5. Redshift Price comparison
  6. Boingo Wireless case study
  7. Sample POC

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