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BluePi’s Presence at CYPHER 2015 – Analytics India Summit

05/Dec/2016 Posted By admin

Analytics India Magazine hosted an event on analytics to bring analytics leaders, data scientists and innovative companies together at a platform. The event was held on 12th September, Park Plaza Hotel, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.


Leaders and innovators from 400 companies joined the event.


AashuAgrawal, Head, Operations and Analytics at BluePi Consulting, shared her thoughts on the current advances in analytics, in the panel discussion: Key Trends in Analytics. Analytics experts from Cognizant, Bharti Airtel, American Express, KPMG participated in the discussion as well, sharing their view on topics like challenges in analytics adoption, new tools and technologies in the analytics world and the need for increased awareness, and education, in the field of analytics.

 Highlights of the panel talk were:

  • Adoption and applicability of analytics across industries
  • Asset value of data and security
  • Industrialization of Analytics
  • Democratization of Analytics