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BluePi’s Annual Meet 2016

04/Dec/2016 Posted By admin

To reinforce the alignment between company’s goals and individual aspirations, BluePi, conducted a 3 day Annual Meet that included a training session from 13th to 15th June. In the view of innovation and professional growth of everyone, our team leaders and tech experts have steered various sessions covering wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge technologies, sales and marketing philosophies and emerging growth areas in IT industry.

Annual-Meet-2016_1 Annual-Meet-2016_2 Annual-Meet-2016_3 Annual-Meet-2016_4

The purpose was to educate employees through various types of activities like group discussions, role playing etc designed to improve the technical and interpersonal skills necessary in their respective job and position. We are glad that the participation was cent percent and every one had ‘sense of belonging’ as a takeaway.