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Big Data & Analytics Conference – 2016 On 20th May 2016 at JW Mariott, Bengaluru

05/Dec/2016 Posted By admin

As a hub for IT activities, Bengaluru poses a huge potential demand for Big Data & Analytics solutions. We are holding this conference to highlight the importance of Big Data for businesses today. This will be a single point platform to get all your big data and analytics borne troubles to be shot as technical solutions through use cases.
Kaushik Khanna (Head, Cloud Services at BluePi)
Robby Thomas (Solutions Architect at Amazon Internet Services)
Aashu Agarwal (Head, Sales & Operations)

  1. The What & Why of Big Data
  2. Key Global Trends
  3. AWS Big Data & Analytics Options – Redshift, EMR, Kinesis & Elasticsearch
  4. BluePi – The Digital Journey Partners
  5. PiStats Session – BluePi’s flagship product
  6. Use cases for target verticals & case studies