Data Science

Use uour data to gain competitive edge, improve efficiency, reduce costs

Nowadays knowing the future is as important as knowing the present. At BluePi we help you leverage the power of Data Science to build customised model that helps our customer define the next course of action depending on the outcome of the model. Our Machine Learning and AI solutions help you drive the business in a more predictive manner. We help you segregate signal from noise from the voluminous data that you hold. We build cloud agnostic solutions and our expertise in AWS, GCP and Azure platforms help us leverage our models to a desirable scale.

What we do with Data Science

Predictive Analytics

Converting historical and current data to actionable insights of future is what we try to achieve by our solutions in Predictive Analytics. Our solutions like Claim Propensity helps one determine the probability of a prospect to file a claim on the policy, thus helping take necessary actions by underwriters. We build Bespoke models that fit the business requirement by doing extensive business sessions with the users and leveraging our in-house AI/ML capabilities. Few of our solutions are like Customer Churn, Dynamic Pricing, Recommendation, Customer Segmentation.

Timeseries Forecasting

Timeseries Forecasting essentially tries to analyse the historical pattern of the data captured on a time window to predict the behaviour in the future. We leverage Timeseries Forecasting for different solutions like Demand Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance, etc. Our Data Science experts use algorithms like LSTM, Boosting Algorithms, Arima and it’s variants and combinations to build ensemble models that best fit the business and the use case.

Text Processing

Using Text Processing and Text Analytics we at BluePi make it easier for the business to extract meaningful information from their documents. Few of our solutions like Tag Extraction, Content Categorization, Content Summarization and Entity determination have helped our media customers to automate their content processing and tagging without any manual intervention. Apart from the above solutions we have built solutions like Fraud detection using Chat Sentiment, Intent Determination from Text, Question Generation have helped customers automate their manual processes and thus speed up the various activities.