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Use Your Data To Gain Competitive Edge, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Leverage The Power Of Data Science To Build Customised Model That Helps Our Customer

  • Nowadays knowing the future is as important as knowing the present.
  • At BluePi we help you leverage the power of Data Science to build customised model that helps our customer define the next course of action depending on the outcome of the model.
  • Our Machine Learning and AI solutions help you drive the business in a more predictive manner.
  • We help you segregate signal from noise from the voluminous data that you hold.
  • We build cloud agnostic solutions and our expertise in AWS, GCP and Azure platforms help us leverage our models to a desirable scale.

Some of our impactful work

Predictive Analytics

Converting historical and current data to actionable insights of future is what we try to achieve by our solutions in Predictive Analytics.

Text Processing

Using Text Processing and Text Analytics we make it easier for the business to extract meaningful information from their documents.

Timeseries Forecasting

We leverage Timeseries Forecasting for different solutions like Demand Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance, etc.

Case studies

Sales Forecasting solution for Overstocking & Stock Outs! 21 February 2018

Overstocking & stock-outs Using this system, the stores don’t have to rely on in-store manager’s intuition and instead use Artificial Intelligence.

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How BluePi Helped Delhivery with Big Data and Real Time Reporting

A mix of AWS infra and services like S3, Kinesis, Redshift, Redis with cutting-edge technologies like, Storm were used to build the solution.

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