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Managed Services

As a business, you’d attain the true potential of cloud only when you can forget about it and still breathe easy, assured that everything’s in place: working as intended, self-healing and auto-optimizing, on the go. Utopian, or Cloud Nirvana, you’d say? Well, not really! It’s quite attainable when you have the right Managed Cloud Service Provider, like BluePi, helping you all along.

ITIL® Best Practices, is, pretty much, the Gold-Standard

Powered by best cloud services practices, elucidated by ITIL® we keep you company on your cloud endeavour, managing your entire cloud stack on the fly. We help identify the incidents, monitor them, and help you get alerts as soon as they occur. We then analyse the root problem and deploy changes to fix it in the best possible way, with the least possible downtime. We also update existing knowledge base to prevent recurrence of such incidents in future.

Automation: Health Checks, Reports & Tooling

The beauty of this process lies in automating as much as we can. We create scripts to keep a tab on incidents - from security leaks, to hacks or cost or utilization thresholds; and report immediately when they occur. We work with you to setup custom notification and alerts for major triggers. We help you create and send customized, periodic reports to the right audience, ensuring that things are under control – from instance logs to real time analytics. If you’d want that turned into a custom BI dashboard, rest assured, BluePi can have it built out for you, with utmost ease.

What’s, really, a bonus here is that we use DevOps philosophy and Agile methodologies to help you get there in double-quick time. Automated workflows and processes, ensure that manual intervention is kept to the minimum.

Security Management

We work with you in managing security of your applications, as well as the entire infrastructure, building custom tools to control access levels and manage users. We also ensure that you have adopted the right services for security – whether it’s on AWS or Azure, from the right anti-malware service, intrusion protection systems and a whole lot more.

Aren’t these services provided by my Cloud Service Provider?

They are, but in a limited sense. Picture these scenarios:
  • You want to change the access level of user or add additional capabilities for an existing user
  • You want a custom report built to manage specific pain points and utilization levels of your cloud infrastructure
  • You want to build a custom app to control access logs and monitor usage
  • You want to deploy a brand-new application onto your existing cloud infrastructure but not sure if that’d break existing configurations

That’s when you’d require a Managed Service Provider and not just your Cloud Service provider. And not just that, we go ahead and build a specific disaster recovery roadmap for you along with whatever it takes to create a resilient, self-healing infrastructure. We also undertake periodic performance optimizations and cost audits to ensure everything’s working as intended.

With loads of experience, expertise and skilled resources at out behest, BluePi helps you off-load the overheads related to Operations, Security, Governance and Compliance aspects of your cloud infrastructure.