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Cloud Managed Services

How much time does your infrastructure team spends on driving business outcomes rather than troubleshooting and remediation of issues? Are you still struggling to deliver in terms of performance, availability and security?

Most of the organizations are still caught between managing their current IT infrastructure and business drivers to go digital. With BluePi, modernization and management goes hand in hand. Digitization and migration is our core competency, we can also help you with infrastructure management and building continuous delivery pipeline. Our team of experts constantly monitors your IT infrastructure, using enterprise grade tools, proactively identifying and fixing faults much before it impacts your business.

With the combinations of an experienced cloud certified developers and skilled resources , BluePi’s cloud based services for business helps you off-load the overheads related to Operations, Security, Governance and Compliance aspects of your cloud infrastructure.


ITIL® Best Practices, is, pretty much, the Gold-Standard

  • Undertaking, managing your entire cloud infrastructure on the fly.
  • Automated identification of the incidents, monitoring and alert within seconds of occurence
  • Analyzing root cause of each issue and deploying changes to fix it keeping the best practices in mind.
  • Ensuring all remedial action is undertaken with the least possible downtime and minimum changes in infrastructure
  • Ensuring Zero Unplanned Downtime
  • Update existing knowledge base to prevent recurrence of such incidents in future.
  • Automation: Health Checks, Reports & Tooling

  • Automated checks on security leaks, to hacks or cost or utilization thresholds and immediate reporting post occurrence
  • Custom notifications and alerts set up for major triggers.
  • Customized, periodic reports for right audience, ensuring that things are under control – from instance logs to real time analytics.
  • Security Management

  • Protect and maintain entire information assets and it infrastructure services under the best security practices.
  • Periodic security audits to help identifying loop holes.
  • Controlled access levels and manage users.
  • Up-to-date security measures for Hardware and Application
  • Change management

  • Automated Backups for restore during failovers
  • Build custom reports to manage specific pain points and utilization levels of your cloud computing architecture.
  • Maintain custom applications to control access logs and monitor usage.
  • Deploy brand-new application onto your existing cloud infrastructure with ease

  • Contact us for a free consultation on containerization.