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Apps have changed, and how! We no longer have those monolithic apps running on a single stack and on a single server. More apps are being developed with versions released on the fly and deployed across multiple on-premise servers or on the cloud, or sometimes, both(hybrid). And that’s where the complexities increase – you now have to worry, not just about building a great app, but also about how to deploy it correctly, with the right infrastructure. The promise of the cloud, remains unfulfilled, if deployment goes slightly wrong. All that, certainly makes an app developer feel:

“Here’s my source code, put it on the cloud for me. I don't care how”
- Onsi Fakhouri, VP, Cloud R&D, Pivotal
More potent entities of the world have been known to focus on their business and their applications; while leaving the deployment part to experts. And that, precisely is the essence of Onsi Fakhouri’s famous haiku quoted above. At BluePi, we help put your app on the cloud without having to worry about the complexities. We follow what we preach, thats why piStats which handles more than a billion events per month is built with same philosophy. Check out how piStats cope up with unpredictable traffic. Here’s what it entails, in nutshell:
    1. Choose your App Deployment Model:
We help you identify the best-fit model as per your business requirements by thoroughly understanding all your applications.
    1. Choose your Developer Environment:
BluePi helps you create an environment where your users have the ability to choose from multiple coding languages and environment.
    1. Perform fully automated app deployment process using the DevOps Philosophy:
BluePi is highly experienced in continuous testing, integration, scaling, archiving and deployment of apps.
    1. Set up an infrastructure that not only operates itself but has self-healing properties:
BluePi helps you build an infrastructure that would take care of computing, storage and networking changes.

The DevOps Philosophy

At BluePi, we employ the industry standard tools and technologies to deploy your app by bringing together development and operations teams. We try to replicate the production environment as closely as we can while automating most of the processes, and collecting feedback for smaller chunks of code, following Agile methodologies. Check out how it has helped our clients reducing the time to market by a significant margin and let them focus more on getting live feedback and improve the app, on the go. Here are some of the tools and techniques that help us live & breathe this philosophy:

Agile Boards

BluePi uses YouTrack - an issue tracking and Agile-based project management tool, to manage the stories backlog and for tracking sprints.

Code Repository Tools

A repository tool helps in distributed version control and source code management. BluePi uses GitLab for code sanity, code reviews and release management.

Integration & Delivery Tools

A continuous integration and delivery tool integrates seamlessly with source code management tools like Git. BluePi uses Gitlab CI for build management and deployment. Complete deployment process has been automated for Qmetrix using AWS Devops Services.

DevOps tools

With cloud-ready automation tools like Chef & Ansible, we help you do more while minimizing effort for repetitive tasks.
  1. Chef helps automate the entire process of building, deploying, and managing your infrastructure. BluePi has used Chef recipes extensively for their own products, and for clients as well. Our team of experts, has also published a few open source recipes which can be tailored with minimal efforts.
  2. Ansible helps automate application deployment by helping manage configuration and ensuring continuous delivery.
  3. AWS CloudFormation provides an easy way to create and manage related AWS resources, provisioning and updating them in an orderly manner. Find here how Goibibo has been utilizing it for managing and restoring DR setup.

Containerization & Clustering

BluePi also takes care to break your app down into the right Docker files and Docker images and put them up on Virtual Machines to reduce dependencies on OSes or the Environment, apart from optimizing the memory on virtual machines. We then deploy these Dockers into containers and group them into clusters, using Docker swarm, alongside NGINX, to achieve load balancing. If you don’t want to be locked up in the Docker API environment or if a bit more complex, but production ready Kubernetes catches your fancy, we’ll handle that as well! Application Deployment is a critical aspect of your cloud crossover, save time and money by getting it right, the first time. Get in touch with us today to know more about our application deployment services.