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Cloud Services
Leverage Cloud to Upgrade, Upskill & Elevate

Cloud Computing is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.--Paul Maritz

Cloud Computing is now seen as an essential part of any business and has vastly reduced the costs traditionally associated with IT and issues related to in-house software and licensing. Whether it is IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, BluePi will help you unravel the mystery and leverage the complete goodness of cloud in partnership with AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud.

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Cloud services
Are your existing servers capable of handling all the data? If not, how expensive would it be, add new servers on premises?If these thoughts scare you enough, look no further than migrating to the cloud.Cloud is scalable, reduces your overhead costs. Whether you're moving an off-the-shelf product or building a new application, we’ll help you get there, with zero fuss and a ridiculously low downtime!
Cloud services
Are you worried about the time, costs and resources involved in deploying your application to the cloud? BluePi leverages the latest DevOps tools and frameworks coupled with Agile methodologies, to build and deploy applications on cloud. As a business leader, you can now focus on generating the all important insights, while we put them into action, in no time.
Cloud services
If you’ve hated worrying about backup solutions rather than spending more time thinking about your customers, let’s get talking!BluePi helps you leverage cloud based solutions to store and backup your data, while helping figure out the right disaster recovery plan as well. We have built customized backup solutions for large-scale, mission-critical databases, ensuring the most reliable backup and recovery environment.
Cloud services
Being on cloud doesn’t automatically ensure that your servers and processes are performing at their best. We at BluePi, study your server and application architecture in detail, identify all critical issues and fix them. We even go a step further to provide automated performance toolkits, monitor some of the key metrics and suitably modify your code if required. Contact us to learn why online businesses, including the biggest food retail chains, leverage BluePi’s performance optimization services.
Cloud services
It's not a secret that Enterprises, SMBs and Startups alike, are all queing up to claim their piece of Cloud; and to leverage the twin-promise of scalability and reliability! Exciting, as it may sound, this perfect package comes at a price. Make mistakes, and the price surely swells up! BluePi helps optimize your cloud cost by carrying out a complete audit, apart from monitoring & detecting unused instances and optimizing the deployment sizes.
Cloud services
If you've been looking for someone who can help manage the entire cloud infrastructure for your business, you've come to the right place. We're Advanced Consulting Partners of AWS and a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, with 4 years experience in managing clients across multiple indutries. And guess what, here's the big deal - we manage your cloud setup at 20% lesser price than your existing contract! Sounds interesting?
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Cloud Computing Best Practices
white paper

Different Enterprises have different drivers to adopt cloud, but to do that effectively is an uphill battle, that only few have mastered. This whitepaper intends to highlight the Best practices for Cloud Migration and why companies gain a competitive edge after migrating to Cloud. The paper also discusses some of the parameters you can use, to evaluate the best a Cloud solution provider to cater to your needs.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the other topics discussed:

  • Business Drivers for adopting cloud
  • Selection of cloud Provider
  • Migration Strategy
  • Security Aspects of Cloud Computing
  • Licensing Considerations
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