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How well do you know your customer? The right response is the key to unlocking incredible insights that will help any business thrive now and in the future. BluePi boosted the client company’s growth and opened up a world of new possibilities through an analytical solution offering.

Customer Profile

A leading DTH Company aims to make television viewing a phenomenal experience for Indian viewers. Their satellite television service offers a wide variety of channels that covers the entire spectrum of the TV world. This offering includes entertainment, sports, movie news and documentaries in high-quality DVD pictures and CD sound.

Problem Statement

As the business grew multifold, understanding the region-wise consumption patterns, drilled down to a minuscule level became complicated.

The challenges were

  • How many users are viewing a specific channel in a particular time frame?
  • Which are the highly watched channels in a given region?
  • What are the most popular channels?
  • Are there any patterns in region-wise or content-wise popularity?
  • Based on the demographic and geographic parameters, can we obtain aggregated reports on viewers?
  • Data Size Table 115GB (p.m)
  • No. of Records 107M (p.m)

BluePi’s Solution

After analyzing the scenario, BluePi provided them a complete analytical solution. This solution included automation of the data ingestion and moving a large dataset into AWS Redshift. Redshift is a durable, scalable, fully managed petabyte-scale data warehouse service and generated in-depth insights.

Following steps were taken to arrive at the solution

  • BluePi utilized the access logs containing valuable information about the viewers. Extraction and storing of data was done using various AWS services like AWS Redshift, AWS Kinesis Firehose, and AWS S3. Based on this data, aggregated reports of the TV viewers and their consumption pat terns were analysed effectively and efficiently.
  • An informative UI was built for reports using Node JS, Angular JS and D3.
  • These reports also showed region-wise consumption patterns based on hours, day, week or month.
  • Through this processed data, BluePi empowered the client with action able insights on the usage of particular services/channels

Value Added

  1. Revenue model improved through the analytical solution offered by BluePi. 2. Marketing communication channelized through better insights on consumer behavior 3. The strategic decisions concerning the enhancement of offerings are now easy 3. The strategic decisions concerning the enhancement of offerings are now easy to make. 4. Improvised relationships with their channel partners and consumers.

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