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BluePi Helped a leading Travel Aggregator Migrate to Cloud

About the Client

One of the largest online hotel and air-travel booking websites in India, it is also one of the
highest ranked apps in Google Play, under Travel category. In 2015, their hotels-booking
volumes grew 5x YoY, with 70% of them coming from their mobile app.

The key business differentiator for the client was to deliver the fastest and most trusted
user experience, enabled by the fastest search, booking, payments, settlements and
refund processes. All of that, built on top of enormous amount of data coming in from
various sources, daily.

Business Problem

Client used to host all its applications and workloads on a traditional data center, by
purchasing and renting its systems and architecture. This posed a huge challenge in
scaling the application during high traffic periods. Additionally, purchasing new servers
and upgrading their configuration was proving to be time consuming and expensive. They
were looking for a scalable solution that tackled the enormous traffic.

BluePi’s Solution

The first of our recommendations was to migrate their entire infrastructure to AWS. This
was crucial, as it would help them leverage benefits like Auto Scale and On-Demand
temporary infrastructure, to tackle high volumes upfront. It also let them make use of AWS
managed services like RDS for Database, ElasticCache for Caching, ELB for Load-Balancing,
EMR for Hadoop, etc., helping them enhance operational efficiency at optimal costs.
In addition, with features like Elastic Load Balancing, the infrastructure can automatically
take care of redundancy, armed with additional safety of an auto-failover mechanism.

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