How BluePi Helped a Leading F&B Client Migrate to AWS Redshift








Migration & Analytics

Customer Profile

The client provides world-class catering and support services, including extensive Facility Management expertise to its clients, in a wide variety of sectors and market places.

Problem Statement

Given their scale of operations, the client’s data team had to do a lot of analytics and reporting, on a daily basis. There was a considerable amount of manual effort involved in taking a daily dump from SAP, uploading the data on Excel, processing and presenting them in the form of specific reports to the middle management. In addition to being time-consuming, the reports were not crisp enough or flexible enough as well. Their Middle Management team wanted crisp reports with neat visualizations, providing better insights.

BluePi’s Solution

  • BluePi migrated their entire data from SAP HANA to AWS Redshift
  • Built robust reports with crisp visualizations using PowerBI.

AWS Service used

AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Redshift, AWS QuickSight, Microsoft PowerBI


  • Understand use cases and define dimensional model
  • Extract data from SAP HANA – including data already there, along with data being added daily
  • Transform data into the right dimensional model
  • Load the dimensional model data onto AWS Redshift
  • Aggregate data and create reports with visualizations
  • Support the testing process carried out by the client

Reports Built

One of the main uses cases was for the procurement team which wanted to generate a report of Purchase Requisitions (PRs) for which Purchase Orders (POs) haven’t been raised yet. This had to be segmented across the following dimensions: Region, Site, Type, Date, Reason and Age. BluePi automated the entire process, ensuring that these dimensions were captured and presented in the form of relevant visualizations like the ones below:

Value Added

  • BluePi Eliminated the manual effort involved and drastically reduced the time invested by skilled resources in creating these reports
  • The visualizations were way better, which enabled Middle Management to derive better insights
  • The reports are now available on request, while earlier, they had to wait for the daily reports
  • Sharing the reports across the organization and setting up custom dash boards are a whole lot easier The client was happy with the end-to-end service provided by BluePi and wanted to replicate the success in creating such reports and visualizations for other Business Units as well.

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