BluePi helps DTDC implement MIS and stakeholder reporting




Track of Business KPIs & MIS reporting


Centralized reporting platform for Business KPIs & MIS reporting

Business value

Reduce time spent on creating the reports manually & data-related issues that crept in due to manual consolidation and analysis.


Data studio • Big Query • GCP Data flow


DTDC is one of the largest courier companies with operations in multiple countries. They deliver millions of packages each month across India. The sheer size of operations is huge and there are different systems that track sales, marketing, operations etc.

The challenge that DTDC was looking to solve, was to have a centralized reporting platform that can be used to keep track of not only the business KPIs but also to enable MIS reporting as well. The data was siloed in different systems and manual reconciliation and reporting process was slow and error-prone.

The stakeholder dashboards were created manually but that took a lot of time and effort. The large volume of data also made it a lot tougher to consolidate and share reports manually.


BluePi developed a comprehensive end to end solution on Google Cloud Platform that enabled centralized reporting. The core component of the solution was the data warehouse that stores assimilated data from different systems and makes it available, through secure channels.

Dashboards on top of the data warehouse are just one of the possibilities. With the central data repository, different teams within DTDC have access to the data and can introduce KPIs and other business metrics for their functions. The data warehouse also lends itself nicely to data science capabilities as well.

Salient features:

  • ETL pipeline using GCP Data flow, that collected, cleaned and transformed the data from different systems, and loaded into the data warehouse.
  • Data studio dashboards for MIS reporting, with low-level details that can help identify and diagnose bottlenecks,
  • Business KPI performance dashboards for senior management.

Business value delivered

The dashboards and data collection framework put in place by BluePi helped DTDC:

  • Build the practice and adoption of centralized reporting
  • Reduce time spent on creating the reports manually
  • Reduce data-related issues that crept in due to manual consolidation and analysis.
  • Achieve the reporting and the complete data platform, at a very economical cost.

In fact, due to the success of the reporting platform, DTDC team is now working on building much more extensive and data capable platform for reporting and plan to launch organization vide in the recent future.

Technology deployed

  • Data studio
  • Big Query
  • GCP Data flow

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