Bluepi helps InfoDriveIndia optimize their Application on AWS




Process, scalability and monitoring/visibility issuest


Automated deployment pipelines for all the environments, Metrics to understand the core issues, setup auto scaled environments & monitoring alerts


InfoDriveIndia has been running their application on private cloud where they have been facing process, scalability and monitoring/visibility issues.


We had done broadly four tasks to achieve our end goal

  • Move the code to CodeCommit and setup automated deployment pipelines for all the environments.
  • Help the developers get application metrics to understand the core issues
  • Right sizing the application instances based on load test and then setup auto scaled environments.
  • Setup monitoring and alerts so that preventive actions can be taken to avoid downtime.

Business value delivered

  • The application is now running at 25% of the original sizing.
  • Zero Downtime deployments with code pipelines.
  • Visibility into application and infrastructure metrics to understand the usage and behavior.

Technology deployed

The AWS services we used in this particular case are:

  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Code Pipeline
  • AWS CloudWatch

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