How BluePi Helped Delhivery with Big Data and Real Time Reporting








Data Warehousing and Analytics solutions

Customer Profile

Delhivery – One of India’s fastest growing logistics companies that work with online retail sites to pick up and deliver the products to the customer. As more and more people today have become online shoppers, the business continues to grow. And the need to improve and optimize the processes and the “last-mile logistics” also grows. The logistics company has huge incoming data that scales to 1-2 GB per day with existing data of size 50 TB.

Problem Statement

The client realized a need for more scalable and efficient reporting system which would give them holistic view about the bottlenecks, delays and state of their overall “last-mile logistics” machinery.

  • 50TB Data Size
  • 454 Cities
  • 1819 Clients
  • Shipments/day 210K
  • 25K Sellers
  • Packages Scanned/day 1010K

BluePi’s Solution

Bluepi helped Delhivery with Data Warehousing and Analytics solutions.

  • A mix of AWS infra and services like S3, Kinesis, Redshift, Redis with cutting-edge technologies like, Storm were used to build the solution.
  • Project execution using agile methodologies to complete the solution within 6 months.

Value Added

  • Flexible architecture to ensure performance at petabyte scale
  • Near real-time reporting to help tracking SLA’s breach.
  • Standardization of the enterprise data model to allow multiple consumers – invoicing, visualization tools and custom BI.
  • Comprehensive security model for data security and privacy
  • 10s of terabytes (in Database)
  • 2GB of data generated daily
  • 10 Million updates a day
  • 1 Minute Maximum lag of OLTP and OLAP

AWS Service used

AWS, MongoDB, EC2, RDS, Apache, ELB, Redis, Gearman

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