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Customer Profile

ABP News, a leading news channel offering 24-hour Hindi news covering topics across politics, business, investigative reports, consumer issues, crime and environment.


To increase readership, the news channel was looking for a user-friendly, easy to use, responsive and adaptive website. They wanted to launch the site in multiple languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Marathi.

For easy customization of the content, the following feature list was provided as part of CMS:

  • Flexibility to arrange the content on the screen
  • Search to easily filter the content and videos
  • Customizable landing page

Problem Statement

The CMS should be Performant at scale: The site gets 150M+ page views each month, so providing a smooth user experience was a bare minimum. Should be flexible to enhancements: The CMS should accommodate Frequent changes to layout and addition of new sections on the fly.

BluePi’s Solution

BluePi studied all the requirements closely and built a CMS right from scratch, which included:

  • Significantly customized WordPress implementation
  • High redundancy to ensure zero downtime
  • CDN delivered cached content in case of failures
  • Massively scalable media/image storage on S3
  • Auto-scaled infrastructure for handling peak load volumes
  • REST-based API for mobile app consumption
  • Innovative use of caching for reducing page load time
  • Site tested for performance, scale and security before roll out

Value Added

  • Online news site, as well as CMS, was developed and delivered in 3 months.
  • Site was improved to support 500M+ users per month.

AWS Service used

AWS, Akamai, S3, CloudFront, EC2, ELB, RDS, Redis, WordPress, Elastic Search, HQ, Newrelic, HyperDB.

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